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The Ohio Business Brokers Association (OBBA) is a member-based association founded in 1987. The term "Business Broker" includes individuals who are brokers, intermediaries, accountants, real estate agents and/or attorneys who provide a service that matches Business Owners with prospective Business Buyers. Business Brokers (aka "Business Intermediaries") work as consultants to Business Owners to find Buyers who are ready, willing and able to purchase the ownership of their business. Business Brokers also provide consulting to prospective Buyers who want to purchase a business that is a match for their skills, resources, interests and abilities.

The OBBA and this Internet-based multiple listing service serve as a communication network whereby profitable, on-going businesses that are currently for sale are listed by the Business Brokers so that information about the businesses for sale can be shared with prospective Buyers. The information is not complete; the network serves as an initial screening device to allow the prospective Buyer to know enough about the business opportunity so that, if interested, they would be motivated to phone or email the listing Business Broker, sign a Confidentiality Agreement and then obtain additional information.

OBBA members meet regularly to share information about businesses that are for sale. To attend one of our meetings, call or email us via our Contact Page.


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